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Dennis Muxlow is Living Proof.

At eight years of age, having his own motorbike was Dennis Muxlow’s life’s ambition. He wanted nothing more. So his dad made him a deal. “He said he was going to have some firewood delivered and if I stacked it all, he’d buy me a bike,” Dennis recalls. When the first dump truck full of raw wood arrived, Dennis suddenly realized the sizable commitment he’d made to his father. Then four more showed up.

When he’s not hard at work for his clients, Dennis is still always on the go. He loves playing hockey, fishing and working on his two classic cars.

A bit overwhelmed, Dennis did the only thing he could – he began stacking the firewood, one piece at a time. He spent the next four months splitting and stacking that wood behind his family’s shop. It was an arduous process, but he never complained and never quit. And on that day that he neatly placed the last piece of wood in place, sure enough, his father delivered the motorbike of Dennis’s dreams. “It was then, at eight years old, that I realized hard work and perseverance really do pay off,” Dennis says.

A Modern-Day Renaissance Man

Anyone who knows Dennis today will tell you that story is indicative of his driven personality. He brings that same drive and dedication to everything he does. You’ll often find him spending quality time playing with his kids. He plays rec hockey every Tuesday and Thursday with longtime friends. He loves digging in and restoring his two classic cars. He tests his creativity by picking up his guitar and coming up with a new tune. He’s also an avid fisherman who loves few things more than the pursuit of salmon as the sun rises over the mountains.

A Family Legacy

Those same trademark traits are also what make Dennis such a valued resource in Fraser Valley real estate. A third-generation real estate professional, Dennis grew up around real estate and has combined the many valuable insights learned from his father and grandfather with his own unique approach to the business. The result is not only a personal legacy in the industry, but also a superior level of service for his clients throughout the home buying or selling process.

When you work with Dennis, he takes care of all the details and ensures that everything proceeds smoothly from start to finish. Challenges arise during every real estate transaction, but Dennis’ years of experience and excellent problem-solving skills allow him to overcome them and keep your important home sale or purchase on track. This allows his clients to feel comfortable and confident that their investments are in good hands.

The Best Choice

Dennis strives to build on the reputation for real estate excellence established by his father and grandfather before him.

Dennis has always been ahead of the curve and purchased his own first home at just 19. He’s invested in real estate ever since and brings a wealth of experience in renovation, construction, development and investment strategies to his clients. His primary motivation is helping his clients make the most of their real estate opportunities. And just like that eight-year-old boy so many years ago, he doesn’t quit until he achieves that goal.

When the time comes for your next move, put Dennis’ years of experience, unwavering work ethic and dedicated approach to work for you. Call him today to experience how he’s continuing A Lasting Legacy in Fraser Valley Real Estate.

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